About Us

About Us’Foto Wide’ is an exclusive photography magazine for professional & budding photographers, providing an authentic and unbiased information on entire aspects of photography and videography news, views and reviews. Established in 1996 from Kerala, Foto Wide is a monthly magazine published in Malayalam language. For the past 25 years Foto Wide magazine has become a name to reckon with in photography and videography industry. It is the pioneer and market leader having enviable track record of committed six lakhs readers and Website and Whatsapp Broadcast which is having around 50,000 reach within your customers in Kerala and Gulf countries catering to Malayali diaspora. Under the banner of ‘Camera Club’ we have conducted more than 246 Camps and Workshops for the benefit of Photographers, Videographers, Color Lab & Studio owners, Amatuers and Graphic designers. With our vast experience and reservoir of proven knowledge, we can provide you with the exact trends and pulse of Kerala market and can help you guide in realising your objective of establishing your company as a brand leader in Kerala.